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Richard W. Hurst, Ph.D.,

Richard W Hurst, PhDreceived his Doctorate in Geology/Geochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1975. After a 3 year Postdoctoral Research position at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he joined the Faculty in the Department of Geological Sciences at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)—he is now Professor Emeritus of Geology and Forensic Geochemistry at CSULA.
His research interests have integrated mathematical/statistical modeling of geologic and geochemical data to evaluate resources, track pollutants, and identify sources of pollution. He is well known in environmental forensics (Hurst & Associates, Inc) for his development of statistical models used to estimate the age of contaminant releases into the environment and resolve complex cases that often involve multiple sources of pollution.

A Jerome Skarnulis, Ph.D.,

A Jerome Skarnulis, PhDreceived his Doctorate in Physical Chemistry from Arizona State University, Tempe in 1976. After a Postdoctoral Research position in the Department of Metallurgy, Oxford University, UK, he was appointed a Research Professor in the Department of Crystallography. He then moved on to be Technical Director for JEOL (Systems) UK based in London and eventually moved back to the States and setup his own company: Computer Software Design LLC.
His research interests include Electron Microscopy which includes Image Simulation, Image Analysis, EDAX Analysis and Stereological Methods. He also has designed control systems and imaging systems for electron microscopes.

Fireball Cruncher Project

The development of Fireball Cruncher, our alternative to the BCS Poll, began circa 2007 following a casual discussion we had concerning the subjectivity of the BCS football ranking system. We thought that it should be possible to develop a more objective method, predicated solely upon in-game team offensive and defensive performances to rank NCAA football teams, thereby excluding the more subjective input of coaches, sportscasters, etc. Following numerous statistical iterations designed to evaluate teams using offensive/defensive data, we developed the current algorithm that we call Fireball Cruncher. The name, Fireball Cruncher, was selected because of its unique designation that fuses our capabilities in algorithm development via computing and our logo for the model, a blazing football.

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